7 Best Emergency Electronics for Preppers

As preppers, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to survive without modern conveniences. But that doesn’t mean that electronics should be completely discounted in our plans. In reality, there are several electronic devices that are really vital for true preparedness and that’s what I want to share with you today. As part of my family’s prepping strategy, we decided to add some electronic communications devices. We’ve tested a lot of different options and we finally settled on the devices that work well and serve a real purpose in a crisis. So without further ado, here are 7 of the best emergency electronics for preppers and survivalists. Midland GXT Handheld Radio Set When you start looking at radios, one of the first things to hunt down is a handheld radio set that allows you to communicate discreetly with your loved ones. I love the Midland GT Handheld set because it has a lot of options and a massive range of up to 36 miles. That means that even if my husband is on the other side of our property, I can radio him in an emergency. This radio set lets you use 22 different channels plus 28 additional frequencies. Plus you have some added protection with 285 privacy codes. The SOS Siren feature lets you quickly send out a distress signal, which is really important if you are trying to communicate with your man while he is out on the tractor or lawn mower. Best of all, there is a whisper mode that allows you to speak quietly while the person on the other radio can still clearly hear what you are saying. Digital Emergency Crank Radio This digital crank radio is another good choice because it offers you multiple power sources. While you can operate it using your run of the mill AA batteries, you can also use a rechargeable battery, solar panel, or the old fashioned hand crank. This radio also has a nice LED flashlight with two brightness settings and will flash the SOS morse code if you need to alert someone in an emergency. Another great feature is the search and rescue dog whistle. That would be incredibly handy if you were stranded or lost out in the woods! As icing on the cake, it is water resistant and has a headphone jack if you need to listen for alerts without giving away your location to possible predators. Spot Gen 3 GPS This is the ultimate GPS device for preppers and survivalists. If you are looking for a cool new toy to add to your bug out bag, this is it. When you are venturing out to a place where cell service is nonexistent, the Spot Gen 3 will alert your family that you are still okay and even send emergency responders your GPS location if you wish. It has a motion-activated tracking feature and you can set it to ping your location at various intervals ranging from 5 minutes to an hour with just the push of a button. You can choose the service plan that best fits your needs and keep it in your bug out bag so it’s ready to go if you have to get out of town quickly. If I had a kid in college, I would absolutely make sure my child had one of these tucked into their get home bag. American Red Cross Radio With Smartphone Charger The American Red Cross is well known for good emergency gear and this radio is no exception. It operates on both solar and hand turbine power and provides AM/FM radio and weather alerts along with an alarm clock. My favorite feature is the built-in USB charger for your smart phone that will allow you to make a 30 second emergency phone call after just one minute of hand cranking. You can also plug in your MP3 player using the AUX-input to play music and you get a built in LED flashlight! Pocket Weather Radio With Clock and Sleep Timer This tiny little radio will fit in your pocket, but it still has plenty of functionality. The sides have a nice rubber coating to give you a good grip and the built in speakers have great sound despite the small size. You can listen to NOAA weather alerts or basic FM radio stations. This device operates on 2 AA batteries and includes earbuds. I found that I can get about 70 to 75 hours of radio play time on one set of batteries. It also has a built in clock and alarm along with a sleep timer, which could come in really handy during an emergency when you are taking shifts keeping watch. 300 Channel Police Scanner From the time I was a tiny little girl, I can remember my Grandpa listening to the police scanner while he read the newspaper every night. As an adult, I’ve grown to appreciate his habit and now my family uses this 300 channel police scanner to monitor what’s happening in our community. I love that I can have up to the minute updates on events in our area just by listening to the radio as I cook or clean or feed the chickens. This is really great for giving you peace of mind when you are worried that you won’t know about an emergency before it’s too late. BaoFeng Dual-Band Ham Radio This device is another throwback to my grandpa, who was a big fan of the ham radio. The BaoFeng is a budget-friendly way to start learning the art of using ham radio communications. It covers FMRS and GMRS frequencies plus provides basic FM radio access. And if that’s not enough, it has a built-in flashlight. These are just a few of the many great electronic options out there for preppers. What are some other devices that you recommend for emergencies?