The Most Common Mistakes of Rookie Preppers

I remember the very first time I learned about prepping. The concept was not at all foreign to me and I was not one of those people that laughed it off or thought it was just something that right wing nut jobs did. I understood that being prepared was an important part of being a mother and an adult. However there were a ton of mistakes that we made as we started prepping. In fact, we could write a book on the mistakes we made. However we are going to make it a post instead. My hope is that you will heed the advice and not fall into the same pits that we could have. So let’s looks at the many different mistakes that many rookie preppers make.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Now this is not something that we struggled with. I was raised to keep my home life between the family. We never shared personal details with the outside world. However that is not always the case with many rookie preppers. They are all too willing to share the details of what they are prepping for and the supplies that they have. All this does is make people aware of the best place to target in the event of a disaster. It is also a good way to get the label of the town crazy. Keep it to yourself.

Canned Food Mountains

When you first start prepping it is very common to just buy a ton of canned food and think you are covered. The reality is much different. Not only are you going to need more than caned food but you are also going to need the space that all those cans take up. So go ahead and buy caned food. But you need to have a place to store them. Go ahead and invest in some high strength shelving and place the canned food there.

What Back Up Plan?

This rookie mistake will lead to disaster. Always remember that even the best laid plans can and typically will change. The best way to be prepared is to have a second and maybe even a third plan. Always have a back up plan for when the water stops or the heat fails, have a plan for when the food supply is running low. Back up plans are vital.

My Guns Are Enough! 

I have to admit that I was in this area. I use to think that all we needed were a few guns and we would be okay. But you need to realize that millions of people have guns and the federal government has millions of guns. So a gun is not enough. While you need to be prepared with the right amount of firepower, you also are going to need to be well versed with knives, lights, nets, traps, and many other items. Further, guns will not get you what you want. You might think you can go get food with the power of your AR, but what happens when another group shows up with 10 AR’s? Take the time to have a stash before the crisis strikes.

Life After SHTF

So much time is spent preparing for the initial disaster that far too many people are not thinking about the life that happens after the disaster. Are you taking the time to prepare for what you will do after the SHTF? Do you have a way to make money? Are you learning a skill? My husband is the one who taught me this. He is actually learning to brew beer. Facts are facts. People will want beer and not just anyone knows how to brew it. Think about it.

Other Issues

Too many of our current preppers are failing to hit the mark in a few very important areas. It is always a good idea to have supplies but what about real pioneering skills? Have you taken the time to learn how to garden or how to repair broken machinery? These types of skills are going to be necessary. It is not a matter of if things will break but rather when. What about lack of clothing? Not enough water? What happens when you store 50 pounds of dried beans and you have no water to cook them?

What about bartering? Have you prepared any items that you will use for trade? Do you have the medical supplies you might need? What good will the dollar be if the government folds? You will need something to barter with. Cigarettes, liquor, meat, all of these tings are great bartering tools. What about ammo? You might have 25 different guns but if you run out of ammo all you have is an expensive hammer.

So take the time to really think about your preps. Really analyze all the areas that you need. Once you start to think like a survivalist you will start to prep like a true survivalist.

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